WOO Network to Support Upcoming $BOBA Airdrop

Palo Alto, CA – October 5, 2021
As part of Boba Network’s continued mission of building a more inclusive, secure Ethereum ecosystem, the team is pleased to announce a new partnership with WOO Network, a deep liquidity network. The partnership includes WOO Network's support of the upcoming $BOBA Token Airdrop, later this month, through the WOO X Trading Platform. All users will be able to access WOO X to trade $BOBA with "superior trading execution via deep liquidity and zero-fee trading." Additionally, WOO X will be another home for a future listing of the $BOBA Token.
  • The $BOBA tokens will be airdropped to supporting exchanges such as WOO X, and existing $OMG token holders who have bridged their $OMG tokens to Boba Network in support of the network’s governance. 

    “WOO Network’s commitment to democratizing access to decentralized finance makes them an ideal fit for partnering with Boba,” said Alan Chiu, CEO of Enya. “A partnership with WOO Network is one more step towards achieving our goal of providing the community of $OMG token holders with an expanding list of exchanges to access the upcoming $BOBA Airdrop.”

    “We see great potential for Boba Network as a Layer 2 Rollup solution on Optimism,” wrote Ran Yi, COO of WOO Network. “The speed and scalability of the network can accommodate a thriving ecosystem, making us eager to take an active role in supporting the BOBA and OMG token holders. As the network grows, we hope to see lots of opportunities for future initiatives together.“

  • About Boba

    Boba is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalent Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup that helps Ethereum smart contracts scale while delivering a delightful user experience. Boba enables Ethereum developers to build dApps that trigger code running on web-scale infrastructure such as AWS Lambda, making it possible to leverage sophisticated algorithms that are either far too expensive, far too slow, or practically impossible to execute on-chain.
  • About WOO Network

    WOO Network is a deep liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms with democratized access to the best-in-class liquidity and trading execution at lower or zero cost. Its flagship product, WOO X, is a professional trading platform featuring customizable modules and lower to zero-fees complete with deep liquidity. WOO Network was founded by Kronos Research, a quantitative trading firm generating $5-10B in daily volume.