Enya and OMG Network Announce Partnership With Web3API

Integration will provide an enhanced developer experience building with OMGX
Palo Alto, CA – June 2, 2021
Enya, a leading provider of decentralized privacy solutions, in partnership with OMG Network, a pioneer in Ethereum scaling development are thrilled to announce their partnership with Web3API, a developer toolchain that makes it easy to integrate Web3 protocols into applications from any programming language. Web3API simplifies the construction of decentralized apps (dApps) and enables more developers to build applications quickly and efficiently.
This partnership represents Enya’s mission to provide its developers with the best tools to seamlessly and easily build with OMGX. Launched by Enya and OMG Network, OMGX is a Layer 2 platform that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible smart contracts, token staking and streamlined cross-chain liquidity.

“Following our recent announcement of the OMGX public testnet, we’re excited to collaborate with Web3API to pave the way for a more inclusive Ethereum ecosystem - leveling the playing field for all developers. Web3API will take OMGX to new heights by enabling applications to interact with OMGX through any programming language using simple GraphQL queries and eliminating the need for client-side SDKs,” says Alan Chiu, Founder and CEO at Enya. “We look forward to helping steward the development of the Web3API standard especially in optimizing the developer experience with Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions.

Enya and OMG Network will be building Web3API modules for querying and interacting with OMGX, with the goal of fostering a vibrant ecosystem of applications around OMGX that offer a compelling and affordable user experience.

“We’re proud to welcome our newest partners, Enya and OMG Network, who will be pivotal in making Web3 protocols universally accessible, helping developers build more easily on OMGX and other Ethereum layer 2 scaling platforms. We are excited for this strategic partnership and the ways in which we can accelerate access and adoption of our turnkey solutions for building dApps,” says Jordan Ellis, one of the original Web3API developers.

To learn more, visit Enya.ai or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.   To build on the new OMGX platform, visit omgx.network.
  • About Enya

    Founded by a team of Stanford faculty and alum, Enya is a pioneer of software frameworks that simplify the construction of decentralized apps, prioritizing privacy from first principles. By embedding cryptographic privacy into decentralized apps, Enya returns control of sensitive data to its rightful owner — the individual. Enya is part of a growing community that believes now is the time to bake privacy-preserving technology into the broader infrastructure of the internet. The concepts of decentralizing control and restoring the power to the individual are the core reasons for developing Enya's computational framework.
  • About OMG Network

    Established in 2017 under the brand name OmiseGO, OMG Network enables open financial services that are fast, affordable, and secure. The OMG Network is the quickest and most affordable way to transfer ETH and ERC20 tokens globally and without restrictions. For more information, visit omg.network.
  • About Web3API

    Web3API is a developer toolchain that brings the ease of Web2 to Web3. This project aims to make integrating Web3 protocols into your apps seamlessly, without sacrificing decentralization. In addition, Web3API is built with multi-platform support in mind. Our goal is to build a fluid and efficient environment that will bring Web2 developers and enterprises into the Web3 space. For more information, visit Web3API.
  • Contacts
    Lynh Severson - Enya

    Blaine Johnson - OMG Network

    Jordan Ellis - Web3API