Boba Network Snapshot to Be Finalized at 00:00 UTC Nov. 12th, 2021

Palo Alto, CA – November 11, 2021
  • The final hours are approaching for $OMG token holders to bridge their tokens in order to receive the airdrop of the new governance token for the Boba Network DAO. $BOBA will be airdropped to $OMG token holders as of today’s snapshot date on a 1:1 basis, meaning that for each $OMG held, one $BOBA will be received. If users bridge their $OMG before the snapshot time later today, they will also receive 5% extra tokens as a reward. With all OMG tokens potentially eligible, millions of $BOBA tokens are up for grabs for participants. After the snapshot time later today, the $BOBA token airdrop will occur in one week on November 19, 2021.

    Boba Foundation launched the $BOBA token in support of fostering decentralized, community-focused governance. The token will be the basis for voting and submitting proposals on the Boba DAO, which will enable community members to have a voice in shaping the network’s future. Holders of $BOBA will also have the opportunity to stake their tokens to receive transaction fees, in essence allowing users to become stakeholders in Boba Network’s continued growth. 

    “Since the beginning, our mission has been to create an inclusive, community-driven project,” said Alan Chiu, Founder of Boba Network. “With this airdrop, we are excited to reward our active community members and to continue incentivizing the growth of Boba Network. We know the future is promising due to the hands-on involvement of our community members, and we are excited to have the support of Boba Foundation along with an impressive roster of leading exchanges as we pursue our mission.”

    In addition to bridging to Boba Network, any $OMG holders with non-custodial wallets that wish to participate may claim their $BOBA tokens for up to one year after the airdrop by bridging their tokens to the Boba Network after the fact. The airdrop is also being supported by many centralized exchanges, who will deliver the airdropped tokens directly to their customers custodial wallets, without bridging. The participating exchanges include: FTX (, FTX Pro), WOO Network, Upbit, Hanbitco, Binance, C.R.E.A.M. Lending, MEXC Global,, BigONE, AEX, GMO Coin, bitbank, Coinone, korbit,, Huobi, bithumb, bitkub, Poloniex, Bitstamp, BitMart, and Bittrex.

    For more information about the airdrop, visit
  • About Boba

    Boba is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalent Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup that helps Ethereum smart contracts scale while delivering a delightful user experience. Boba enables Ethereum developers to build dApps that trigger code running on web-scale infrastructure such as AWS Lambda, making it possible to leverage sophisticated algorithms that are either far too expensive, far too slow, or practically impossible to execute on-chain.