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News: Enya.ai Launches FeverIQ Health Check

Enya Launches First Privacy-Preserving Symptom Mapping Solution to Help Scientists Fight Covid-19 And Businesses Re-open Safely. Try out FeverIQ Health Check today.

The first app privacy framework

Protect sensitive data and establish trust by offering true privacy.
Data are cryptographically split, processed, and recombined to ensure privacy.


The Enya SDK makes privacy-preserving computation easy to add to existing websites or mobile applications. For example, the technology can be used to protect the privacy of millions of people all around the world, as they help scientists discover new COVID-19 symptoms on the FeverIQ.com site. The same API can be used to securely compute on user-provided data to provide personalized scores, risk estimates, and products.

Visit Quick Start to learn more about the technology platform and About FeverIQ to learn more about how they are deriving insights from secured data that never leave the phone.

Get started

The Enya SDK makes privacy-preserving computation effortless and straightforward. To compute on secured, private data, first configure your algorithm and then copy the following code into your app:

import EnyaSMC from 'enyasmc';

/* Configure the SDK */
  CLIENT_TOKEN: "f7edB8a8A4D7dff85d2CB7E5",
  algo_name: "sample_algo"

/* Provide the client's data */
const answers = [0.6, 2, 0, 42.6];
EnyaSMC.Input.apply(this, answers)

/* Compute on the data */

/* Successful output: {secure_result: score, status_code: 200} */

Visit Quick Start to learn more.