Secure Genetics

The blockdoc App

1. The Blockdoc App: Private Cardiovascular Risk

Using the Blockdoc App involves a QR key card, which your doctor or phlebotomist will give to you after your appointment. The "Secure CV Test" is currently only available in Asia, such as in Hong Kong. After your doctor's visit please download the App and scan your QR key code. You will be able to estimate your cardiovascular risk right away. Your sequencing results will be delivered to the app within 3 to 4 weeks. At that point, the app will combine data from your physiology, lifestyle, and genetics to provide an overall risk estimate for you.

2. Blockdoc App: Frequently asked questions

I like your App and have suggestions for new features. We love hearing from people who use our products! Please send us feature requests through the in-app chat function or by emailing us ([email protected]). Keep in mind that using email may expose your identity to us and therefore please use the in-app support function if you wish to remain anonymous. If there is something we could do better, please tell us. You will hear from one of our engineers within a few hours and we will work with you to improve the App and our service.

I would like access my test results from multiple phones simultaneously. This is possible. Please email customer support ([email protected]) or use the in-app support for instructions.

What can I do to keep data on my phone secure? People's phones contain sensitive personal data such as banking information, credit card numbers, family pictures, chat messages, and health data. You should always secure access to your phone with a strong password and biometrics (your phone's fingerprint reader and/or face scan). The Blockdoc App itself is further protected by a password you set as part of the sign-up process. Many phones also offer a remote-wipe feature, which you should use when your phone is stolen or lost.

My phone was lost or stolen - what shall I do? Assuming you set a good password to lock your phone when you are not using it, you should be safe. Once you have a replacement phone, please re-install the App. Your genetic test data will reappear in the App after you scanned your key card but you will need to re-enter the lifestyle and physiology data.

Can you somehow 'restore' my lifestyle and physiology data if my phone is lost or stolen? No. We take data security very seriously. Any data that you entered (such as your age and smoking status) are only stored on your phone. These data never leave your phone, there are no copies, and neither we (or anyone else) have access to that information. If you lose your phone, any information that you entered into our App will also be lost. You will need to re-enter this information.

What happens if I lose my QR card? You should treat your QR code card like a credit card. If you lose your QR code card, please email customer support ([email protected]) and let us know. We will deactivate your original card and get you set up with a replacement card. As part of that process, you will need to prove that you are authorized to access particular test results.

Other Issues? Please email customer support ([email protected]) or use the in-app support to contact us and we will help you as quickly as we can.

What is your Privacy Policy and what are your Terms? Our Terms are HERE and our Privacy Policy is HERE.