Privacy-Preserving Analytics

With rising privacy concerns and regulations, organizations need solutions that help them extract valuable insights from sensitive data without compromising privacy.

Analyze Sensitive Data
Send only secured data payloads to Enya for computation without anyone seeing the underlying data.
Build Trust with Customers
Put customers at ease by leaving their data in place, and use Enya to securely extract only the insights you need to serve them.
Reduce your liability by eliminating your exposure to sensitive data.

1. Secure analytics: COVID-19 Symptom Discovery

The information essential for SARS-CoV-2 management encompasses some of the most sensitive and private information imaginable – a person's location, health, contacts, and behavior. We provide tools and cryptographic techniques that allow privacy to be balanced with public health and biomedical research. In that way, people feel more comfortable about contributing their data and generally provide more accurate data, and the data recipients have to worry less about the myriad legal and reputational risks of storing and moving large amounts of highly sensitive data. with the Enya SDK, FeverIQ never sees or has to handle sensitive data that would expose them to liability if these data were lost or leaked.

2. The FeverIQ App and website: Discovering new symptoms of COVID-19 with the Enya SDK

Working with biomedical researchers, we developed a technology demonstrator website that uses the Enya SDK and API. The FeverIQ service allows people anywhere around the world to help scientists discover new symptoms of COVID-19, and to see where the disease is spreading. Also, users of the site can use secure multiparty computation to estimate their personal risk of severe complications if they are infected with SARS-CoV-2. See About FeverIQ to learn more about their secure analytics.

3. How does this work?

If you would like to use this technology in your own app or website, you need to first specify your algorithm's coefficients and then add code like this to your app or website:

import * as EnyaSMC from 'enyasmc';

/* The user's sensitive medical inputs */
data = {
  birthyear: 1950, 
  gender: 1, 
  height: 170, 
  weight: 50, 
  comorbidities: 1, 

export const secureCompute = (data) => async (dispatch) => {
  //----------------- User's input ---------------------
  EnyaSMC.Input.apply(this, Object.values(data))

  //-------------- Configure settings ------------------
      algo_name: "MySecretAlgorithm",

  //-------------- Run the model ------------------------
  const model = await EnyaSMC.Linear()

  //-------------- Get the result -----------------------
  if (model.status_code == 200) { 
    result = parseFloat(model.secure_result).toFixed(2); 
  //------------ Dispatch the result --------------------
  let updatedSMC = { result };
  dispatch( secureComputeSuccess( updatedSMC ))

Download the app from our GitHub repository to start building secure analytics tools for surveys, insurance, fintech, and other sensitive verticals. Visit Get Started to learn more.

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